Friday, August 22, 2014

New Digs for WHWS and WEOS Radio

Hobart and William Smith Colleges' radio station, home of WEOS-FM and WHWS-FM, has officially moved to the Scandling Campus Center. Originally located in a house on Hamilton Street, the station is now situated next to the Post Office.

"I'm ecstatic about this move to a more centralized location - not just because it's brand new with top-notch equipment, but even more so because more students will walk by and wonder, ‘What's that?' That's all some people need to spark a passion they would have otherwise not known they had for music, the arts and radio broadcasting as a whole," says Station Manager Greg Cotterill, who has worked for the Colleges since 2003. Since then, Cotterill has elevated college radio at HWS to include news, podcasts, arts events, music and full sports coverage.

Located on Hamilton Street since the mid-1990s, the Colleges' radio station made the much-needed move, while providing more student housing at its former location. Focus groups and student surveys were conducted to help determine the station's new space, ensuring its future accessibility and involvement with the HWS student population.

The state-of-the-art radio station is now equipped with three new recording studios, two of which will be able to broadcast simultaneously. One recording room has an observatory window through which students may watch and listen in on interviews, sports, news or arts being broadcast daily from the Scandling Campus Center.

"I'm eager for more excitement," says Erica Randazzo '15. "The central location will bring new faces, more involvement and strengthen the station's camaraderie. Now people will be more aware that the Colleges' radio stations exist."

Heavily involved in the school radio stations herself, Randazzo is a summer intern, working with a stipend from the New York State Broadcasting Association to further familiarize herself with the world of radio. She also will be the program director for the HWS station WHWS for her upcoming senior year, orchestrating different programs, scheduling and artists. Randazzo also has her own radio show called "Alphabet Soup," which plays an eclectic mix of tunes.

WEOS, also known as Finger Lakes Public Radio, is broadcast on 90.3 FM to the town of Geneva, and on 89.5 to the surrounding Finger Lakes region. WEOS programming is primarily National Public Radio with a focus on talk shows and news, live local concerts, lectures and discussions, as well as all Hobart football and lacrosse games. All WEOS sports broadcasts are also available on the internet, streamed live at with radio play-by-play provided by Ted Baker, Terry Muffly and Assistant Dean of Hobart College David Mapstone '93.

Meanwhile, WEOS' low-power sister station, WHWS-LP, is broadcast on 105.7 to everyone within a 20-mile radius of Geneva. WHWS is primarily run by HWS students, as well as local volunteers. The station has many different programs ranging from 100 watts of college radio broadcasting music with student and local DJs, to Spanish-language programs late into the night (also broadcasted in Spain). WHWS 105.7 also broadcasts all HWS home sports games, and both home and away games for William Smith lacrosse, all of which are streamed live at Radio play-by-play is provided by Joe Lasky, who invites interested students to join him in the broadcast booth.

Any students who are interested in getting their own radio show or simply want to be involved with the stations can attend the general meeting on Sept. 9, from 7 to 8 p.m. in Coxe Hall. For those who cannot attend, sign up will also be available at the annual Involvement Expo on the Quad, where there will be a WHWS 105.7 College Radio table. The Expo will take place from 5 to 7 p.m. on Sept. 5. Interested students can also email Cotterill at

In the photo above, Greg Cotterill, manager for WEOS and WHWS, shows off the new Scandling Campus Center space for the Colleges' radio station to Orientation Coordinators Dana Williams '16 and Paul Ciaccia '15.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

DJ's Looking Good!

WHWS DJ's will be dressing sharp this semester.   Available in orange, green, and gray too!

Monday, August 18, 2014

WHWS is Streaming Again!!

We are still working to settle into our new home in the Scandling Center.   In the rush to move out of the house, the number one priority was to stay on the air.  Our sister station WEOS was off the air for about 30 minutes on the weekend of the move.  WHWS was off from Friday afternoon (7/25) to Monday afternoon (7/28).   

Both stations share the same room for now.   The new studio with new equipment will come later this fall.  Tours will be able to look from in front of the Post Office and see the new studios through the large glass window. (The vending machines currently block the window, they will soon be moved).

The soon to be studio

 The temporary set-up. Nolan and Russell installing microphones today!

WEOS has been streaming for the past couple of weeks.  The WHWS stream went back on today.

All students, new and returning DJ's will have to be trained again on equipment.   More on that coming up at our meeting on Tuesday September 9th.

It's going to be different than the old house, but when it's all completed it will be one new sleek mothership!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Back on the Air! Web Streaming Soon.

WHWS is back on the air!  The station had to go dark for 3-and-half days as we made the move with our sister station WEOS from 113 Hamillton Street into the Scandling Center at Hobart and William Smith Colleges.  Here's more photos of the old and the new!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

WHWS Leaving the Airwaves-for a while.

WHWS LP is moving!!  We are about to leave our home at 113 Hamilton Street in Geneva. WHWS and our sister station WEOS are moving into the Scandling Center at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. Expect for a brief time period, WEOS will remain on the air.  WHWS 105.7fm will leave the airwaves for an undetermined amount of time.  Check back here at for updates.

Here's what we look like now (coming soon picture from the new studios still under construction)
The upstairs offices and bathroom, and taking apart  the WHWS studios.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Work began yesterday on space WHWS and WEOS will soon call home.   Later this summer we will make the move from 113 Hamilton Street to The Scandling Center at Hobart and William Smith Colleges.  The radio stations will be in Scandling next to the Post Office.  The space was previously occupied by Student Activities.

Friday, May 30, 2014

The End is Near for WEOS and WHWS at 113 Hamilton Street

Destruction and construction is underway in and around the WEOS and WHWS studios.   We are getting ready to make the move into the Scandling Center.  Trees are dropping and the stations satellite dishes have been moved to make way for a new parking lot.   The old brown house will be home to some "lucky" HWS students later this fall.  More moving photos will be posted here in the near future!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Student Profiles: JAMES SILLIMAN

James Silliman
“Garth Before Dark”
Class: First Year
Favorite Genre?
 Classic Rock (Zeppelin)
Favorite HR Album?
Expo 86 – Wolf Parade
Other involvements on campus?
Jazz Band, (Quad Cult Leader), Assistant to the Music Director
What’s your show about?
A mix the of passionate songs from the ‘60’s to now. Psychedelic infused with other influences.
James is on Wednesdays @ 5 PM!

Monday, April 28, 2014


Charles Gaglione
“Late Nite Snack”
Class: Sophomore
Favorite Genre?
Rock, Blues, Indie Rock, Southern Rock, Hip Hop, 50’s/60’s pop, Surf Rock
Fav HR Album?
Band of Horses- Live at the Ryman
Other involvements on campus?
"Debate Team, Cook at the Pub, guitar/singing, sleeping/eating, living awesomely and lovin’ sweetly, almost joined badminton club."
What’s your show about?

 “Sitting back at the end of a long day and just kicking back to some sweet tunes and soaking in life for an hour.”  
Late Nite Snack is on Wednesdays @ 10 pm!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Student Profiles: SYDNEY GOMEZ

Sydney Gomez
“Live with Syd”
Class: First Year
Favorite Genre?
“All Music- I can’t pick just one!”
Fav HR Album?
“AM” - Arctic Monkeys
Other involvements on campus?
Sankofa & American Reads
How would you describe your show?
“It’s a little piece of me, I’m sharing with the listeners.”
Live with Syd is on Thursdays @ 8 PM!