Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Student Profiles: JACK DARRELL

Jack Darrell
“The Trail Mix”
Class: First Year
Favorite Genre?
 Rock, Reggae, Bluegrass, Jamband, etc.
Fav HR Album?
Everything Under the Sun- Jukebox the Ghost
Other involvements on campus?
 Club Lacrosse
How would you describe your show?
“Eclectic and original mix of tracks, live jams, and news on awesome artists and the best of what’s around.”
Catch him Tuesdays @ 5!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Student Profiles: GRACE GIST

Grace Gist
“That Ol’ Radio Show”
Class: Senior
Favorite Genre?
 Acoustic and A cappella
Fav HR Album?
 Little Suns, Normal Human Feelings
What other activities are you involved in on campus?
 Colleges Chorale,  Cantori, Perfect Third
Can you summarize your show?
àYou know, that ol’ show, the one on the radio. A mix of music and explorations into other possibilities of radio.”
Catch Grace on Thursdays @ 2 PM and on tumblr at thatolradioshow.tumblr.com!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Student Profiles: DOUG OTTO

Doug Otto
Class: First Year
Favorite Genre?
Post-Punk/ Alternative Rock
What's your favorite Heavy Rotation album?
 “Lonerism” – Tame Impala
Are you involved in anything on campus?
What’s your show about?
“I play whatever I’m into or listening to, which is mostly a lot of indie rock, alt rock and post punk.”
Tune in on Fridays @ 3 PM!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Student Profiles: ERICA RANDAZZO

Erica Randazzo
“Alphabet Soup”
Class: Junior
What's your favorite genre? 
Fav HR Album?
 “Hummingbird” Local Natives
Other Involvements on Campus? 
Laurel Society, WS Soccer Team, Women’s Collective, Econ Research Department
What’s your show about?

“Heartwarming and good for the soul!”
Catch Erica on Mondays @ 8 PM and on FB @ www.facebook.com/alphabetsoupmusic 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Student Profiles: TORI HAYNES

Victoria {Tori} Haynes
“Work In Progress”
Class: Sophomore
Favorite Genre?
 Alternative Rock
Fav HR Album?
The Oh Sees
Other involvements on campus?
Arts Collective
How would you describe your show?
“Assorted, Random, Laid Back”
Listen on Mondays @ 4 PM!