Friday, August 29, 2008

William Smith Soccer on WHWS

In the women's soccer season opener, the William Smith Herons host Scranton on Cozzens Field. WHWS will bring you all the live play-by-play action starting at 11:00AM on Saturday Aug.30th!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

WHWS - Your Source for Orientation Info

Tune into WHWS 105.7FM all day on Friday, August 29th, for information about HWS Orientation!

We'll have reports from the field, weather updates, a full schedule of events, traffic information (don't forget Pulteney Street will be "one-way" from Rt.5&20 towards St.Clair St), parking info, and other juicy tidbits.

Where can you hear it? Here's a coverage map, but as you're getting off the Thruway and heading down Rt.14...set your radio to 105.7FM and leave it there all day to stay informed!

Also, if you need help anytime on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, call the HWS Orientation Hotline: (315) 781-3041 or visit

WHWS will be on the Hobart Quad!
Our tent will be on the field, next to the William Smith First Years' tent, from 8:00AM to Noon. If you're interested in joining WHWS, stop by and say hi! We're friendly! :-)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Join up on WHWS 105.7FM!

The annual "Opening General Meeting" for all new and returning HWS students will be Tuesday September 2nd, 2008 in Coxe Hall Rm.008 at 7:00pm.

Wanna be on the air? Come to this meeting! Don't want to be on the air? Still come to this meeting! We have positions in...
  • On-Air DeeJay
  • Live Event Engineer
  • Sportscaster (play-by-play & color-commentary)
  • Music Directors / Reviewers
  • Newscaster / Reporter
  • Public Service Announcers
  • Program Directors / Staff Management
Some positions are paid work-study, too! No previous experience required, just an enthusiasm for radio! When you come, you don't need to know your schedule, but you'll be asked to specify which airshifts you're interested it'll help.

Some frequently asked questions...
  1. I'm interested, but I'm not all that interested in being a DJ...what else can I do at WHWS? We have several off-air roles, many of which are paid work-study, at WHWS. See above for a partial list.
  2. If I'm a DJ, will I have to play Spanish music or speak Spanish? No, WHWS broadcasts Radio Bilingue only when there's no live DJ's present, and we're working to move that to a "college / rock-alternative" format, too. We encourage all DJ's to follow a Triple-A / Alternative / Alt-Rock format...but if you want to do a show in some other format, that's perfectly good, too!
  3. What about obscene/indecent programming? As an FCC-licensed station, we are prohibited from obscene programming at any time of the day or night. There is the concept of "Safe Harbor" from 10pm to 6am when indecent programming is allowed by the FCC...however, by WHWS internal policy, we do not air indecent programming at any time. That means no songs with any swear words or explicitly-sexual or violent lyrics. If you have further questions, please bring them to the Opening General Meeting.
  4. I want a talk show - can we do that? By internal policy we do not generally allow student talk shows. In certain circumstances WHWS may allow a talk show if the appropriate checks and balances are assured. If you have further questions, please bring them to the Opening General Meeting.
  5. How many shows can I have? Initially DJ's are assigned one to three shifts per week, depending on their preference. Shifts are one to three hours long, depending on the time of day. Shifts can be at any time of the day, although certain shifts are discouraged because they'll be frequently pre-empted for sports or other live events. If you want more airshifts and you've demonstrated you can handle them (and it won't affect your studies) then WHWS may assign more airshifts on a case-by-case basis.
  6. Pre-empted? What's that? WHWS broadcasts live coverage of many HWS sports. The exact dates and times vary from year to year and sport to sport...although the specifics will be given at the Opening General Meeting. Anytime one of these sports broadcasts occurs, they will override any other scheduled programming.
  7. I love sports - can I do play-by-play? Yes! We are ALWAYS looking for more sportscasters to do play-by-play and color commentary. We do have some professionals that do sportscasting for some sports, but room for students is always available at these games, too. We broadcast Hobart football, ice hockey, lacrosse, basketball and soccer, and William Smith lacrosse, basketball and soccer. Football and lacrosse are both home and away games (free trips!), the other sports are mostly home games. We'll have more details at the Opening General Meeting.

(Coxe Hall is located at 337 Pulteney Street, across from the Scandling Student Center and the Warren Hunting Smith Library)