Tuesday, October 12, 2010

HWS Public Debate: Should the Ground-Zero Mosque be Relocated?

Missed the debate on October 4th?  Tune in to WHWS on...
  • Wednesday October 13th at 10pm, and again at
  • Thursday October 14th at 2:00pm
...for a live recording of the HWS Debate Team on the topic: Should the "Ground-Zero Mosque" be Relocated?   HWS students Dan Maguire '11 and Buzz Klinger '12 will join Sydney debaters Chris Croke and Steve Hind in the debate. Vienna Farlow '13 will moderate.

Can't tune in?  Check out the on-demand podcast of the debate.

Friday, October 8, 2010

WHWS Sports Block Rudely Interrupted by...umm...HWS Sports.

Whoops, forgot that today at 4pm there is live coverage of the William Smith / Vassar Soccer game, so some of the regular Sports Block programming will not be heard.  Instead you'll hear actual sports!

Check out HWSathletics.com for live stats and other info!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

BEWARE of the SPORTS BLOCK! (Fri 2-6pm)

During football season, Beware of the Sports Block!   WHWS brings you four solid hours of sports analysis, sports analysis, and even more sports analysis, every Friday afternoon!

Starting at 2pm it's the HWS SportsHour with hosts Will Wetzel, Don Lappe and Mackenzie Larsen as they bring you the local perspective of HWS sports, interviews with HWS coaches, a wrap of last week's Statesmen football game and a look ahead at the coming week's game, plus musings and analysis of anything else that comes to mind.  Speaking of minds, give 'em a piece of yours via our SHOUTBOX on the lower right side of every page on the WHWS site.

At 3pm we bring you In The HuddLLe - the weekly Liberty League Football recap show hosted by Eric Ren, James Baker (HOB'96), and Frank Rossi, where they'll be spending two hours covering all the 2010 season's weekly game results, interviews, and in-depth analysis of Hobart, Union, RPI, St.Lawrence, Rochester, WPI, and King's Point football each week!

Then at 5pm it's Around the Nation - D3Football.com's weekly roundup of all Division III football around the country!

Friday, October 1, 2010

WHWS presents HWS SportsHour

Every Friday at 2pm tune into WHWS for our new sports talk show: The HWS SportsHour!  Join hosts Will Wetzel, Don Lappe and Mackenzie Larsen as they break down the week in HWS sports, look ahead to the weekend for the Statesmen and Herons, and take a look at all the professional and college sports, too!