Thursday, March 31, 2011


Johan Galtung
Join us at the Fireplace Lounge in Scandling for a special Fridays at the Scandling Cafe.  Starting at 10:00am international Peace Studies scholar Johan Galtung will join us for an interview, broadcast live on WHWS.   Come over to Scandling to ask questions!

This interview is arranged through the HWS International Student Association's Global Egalitarian Initiative, with special thanks to Martin Michaels.

(Galtung will also deliver a talk on Overcoming Structural Violence through Revolution in Arab Countries at 5 pm on Thursday April 7th in the Geneva Room of the HWS Library.  Structural violence is a term first used in the 1960s commonly ascribed to Galtung; it refers to a form of violence based on the systemic ways in which a given social structure harms people by preventing them from meeting their basic needs.)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Music... From the Music Director's Corner...3/22-25/11

Boat, "Dress Like Your Idols"

A fun listen, Boat releases their new album "Dress Like Your Idols". With their catchy 60's rock inspired pop vocals, along with witty and sarcastic lyrics, and 90's garage band elements, "Dress Like Your Idols", is a relaxed and worthy album of anyone's ears. The album plays cohesively, almost like the stream of consciousness of a cynic's emotional roller coaster. Check all tracks for the full effect.

Favorite Tracks: "Bite my Lips", "King Kong", Water it Down", Do The Double Take" and Frank Black Says"

Headliner! Travis Barker, "Give The Drummer Some"

The famous drummer (most known from his work in the band Blink-182) is back and ready to blow your mind! After tragedy, Barker obviously got back to work and proved to life that he isn't going down anytime soon. This album is simply an awesome collaboration of his infamous skills and that of the skills of some of the best rappers out today--both underground and pop (Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, Kid Cudi, Slaughterhouse, The Cool Kids). Each track is laced with traditional hip-hop with a rock flare that makes the album unique compared to others today. Each track is original, has it's own personality, and could definitely hold their own. This is a must buy....NOW :)

Favorite Tracks: "If You Want To", "Knockin", "Jump Down", "Let's Go", "Cool Head"

Dodos, "No Color"

The fourth album from the pop-indie group the Dodos, is a great album for a Saturday afternoon drive, or just for when you want some down time. Mellow beats, acoustic guitar, combined with dreamy vocals gives the album a sunny afternoon feel, when everything is going your way. It's like a satisfied smile, but for your ears.

Favorite Tracks: "Black Night", "Good", "Hunting Season" "Sleep"

See You Next Week!--MD: SB

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


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What's a testimonial?  It's a short (20 seconds) audio description of how great you think WHWS's coverage of HWS sports is.  We  air them as promos during our regular broadcasts!

Show your love of HWS sports and your support of WHWS coverage of sports today: record a testimonial!

  1. Call Aaron Read at (315) 781-3811.  If he doesn't answer, you can record your testimonial right to his voicemail.   It's actually easier for us to pull audio off the voicemail!
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