The Community Calendar is a free service that WHWS provides to non-profit organizations in the Finger Lakes region.  You can submit information about upcoming events and when possible we will include them in a rotation of audio announcements on 105.7FM's airwaves!  We air one or two "CommCal" announcements per hour, and how often your announcement airs will depend on how many announcements are in the rotation.  If you need more frequent announcements, or a guaranteed schedule, you should purchase underwriting.

Rules for Submissions (and "Suggestions for Success") are listed below the form.

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After clicking "Submit Event" you will be taken to the WHWS homepage.


  1. Only not-for-profit organizations may submit to the community calendar.  For-profit organizations and private individuals must purchase underwriting.
  2. No price information and no fundraisers.  By FCC law, we cannot give any price information (that includes saying if an event is free) nor can we air announcements about your fundraising event.
  3. Announcements about events occur at random times.  We make no guarantees about when any particular community calendar event will air, how often it will air, or even that it will air at all.  If you need more certainty, you must purchase underwriting.
  4. Content of announcements are solely at the discretion of WHWS.  Our staff will take your submitted information, write a script, and record it into the Community Calendar system.   If you have a radio-ready script, please submit it into the "Event Description" field.  We appreciate radio-ready scripts, although we reserve the right to edit them as needed.
  5. Pre-recorded announcements may not be submitted.  All announcements are voiced by WHWS staff.  No music or sound clips / effects are allowed.
  6. All information submitted may be used for announcements.  Don't include any "private info" - anything you submit is fair game for an announcement.


  1. Submit your announcement at least 3 to 4 weeks in advance of the start of your event.  This gives us sufficient time to write the script and sufficient time for your announcement to cycle through the rotation.  This is especially critical at certain times of the year when there are few or no HWS students present, such as summers or winter break, as students record all our announcements.   However, don't submit more than 3 months (12 weeks) in advance.  That's overkill.
  2. Remember that information you're submitting has to be read out-loud and listened to.  Long, complicated web domains or e-mail addresses are impossible for listeners to remember.  "" is good.  "" is not good.  Similarly, a mailing address may be okay, but an easy-to-remember location description "the corner of Seneca and Exchange streets in downtown Geneva" is usually better.
  3. Less is more!  The chief goal of any announcement is to get the listener's interest just enough that they'll go to a web domain (or call a number) for more info.  Don't try to do more than that.
  4. Start Date and End Date - just one date?  If your event is just a one-day affair, put the same date for both the Start and End date fields.
  5. Don't call to confirm submissions.  We do not confirm submissions to the community calendar.  If we did, we'd spend all day on the phone instead of putting announcements on the air!  If you call anyways, your announcement will be pulled and any future submissions will be ignored.
  6. Don't submit announcements by means other than this webform.  CommCal announcements that are mailed, faxed, e-mailed or submitted by telephone will not be accepted.